The Crypt Keeper Cemetery Software

How much does this software cost?
The online version is a repeating payment of $54.31 (USD) billed annually.

Why is this software called 'The Crypt Keeper'?
The software was created in the early 1990's. We knew we needed a catchy name, one that people would remember, so we threw some words together in a listing and none of them seemed worthy. So we asked ourselves, what is the primary purpose of this software? To keep cemetery records. Back in the 1970's and 1980's there was a product called the 'Trapper Keeper'. So we played with words that could be used in place of "trapper"... tomb, grave, cemetery... and settled on Crypt. This name is in no way associated with the HBO series.

Is there an extra cost for support?
No, support is free of charge. However, support is via email only... no telephone support whatsoever.

Can I run my own backups?
Absolutely, there is an export feature that gives you an opportunity to download your entire account data at any time.

Is there a limit to the number of records we can input?
No. But for the Online Version, if your organization exceeds 20,000 records we may place you into a different billing structure.

Can the fields be changed?
Yes... five of the existing fields can be modified to be anything you want. Additionally, you can create any number of completely new fields to use any way you like.

How can I do more than one interred to a grave?
You can have multiple data records assigned to a single grave, people do this all the time.
For example:
  • Record #1 is section A, lot 2, grave 1 and is an interred body
  • Record #2 is section A, lot 2, grave 1 and is a cremation
You assign both records the identical section, lot and grave identifiers.
When you view the map you see a single grave, but when you click on that grave in the map it shows you both records.

We have existing data, can it be imported/converted?
Yes. But for the Online Version you would have to send your data to us for import/conversion (no charge). Send whatever electronic data you have and we'll get that uploaded to your account as quickly as we can.

Due to the complexity of our layout, could I create multiple maps by section?
Yes. You could potentially create a different "cemetery" for each different section, which would give you the ability to have a separate map for those sections.

Do I need Windows to use the Advanced Map Editor?
Yes. But, there is a browser-based simple map editor available to you, and this editor will work on any operating system. The advanced map editor does offer more features and is easier to manipulate, but is not your only option.

If I log in to the online version as a guest, would I be able to see what reports look like?
Yes, you may certainly run reports. There are some options that are disabled in guest mode (such as uploading and exporting), but for the most part the demo mode is fully functional.

What if we have four grave identifiers instead of three?
Some cemeteries use more identifiers than are currently available in the software of Section-Lot-Grave. For example, you might have Section-Lot-Block-Space. When this happens we suggest merging two of the identifiers together... perhaps Section/Lot-Block-Space.

It says that images can be added to the files. Can we add a .JPG image for each grave? 
Absolutely. You may add as many images as you like (in JPG format). Keep in mind that images can take up a lot of space in your database, so for best results you should resize your images BEFORE you upload them. Preferred image sizes are 800x600 or smaller.

I don't have a full date-of-birth or date-of-death, only the year... how can I input this into the system? 
This is an extremely common question, but not one that most people like the answer to. Since the database stores dates as a whole calendar date (month, day and year), inputting just a year is not really an option. However, what I typically suggest is that when only a year is known (such as 1844) that you input the date as 1/1/1844.

I am having problems with the colors on the map... how do they get assigned?
The color-coding on the map is done automatically by the software according to the data that you have in your files. Most importantly, the map locations must match the database locations for color-coding to operate. If a record in your database is Section: A, Lot: 1, Grave: 1... then your map grid location must read: A,1,1.  
  • Records that have no interred or sales information will be colored white.  
  • Records that have an interred date will be colored red.  
  • Records that have an interred name or a purchaser name, but no interred date and no sold date, will be colored yellow.  
  • Records that have no interred information but have a purchase date will be colored blue.  
Can I input records from more than one computer?
Yes, anyone you deem allowed to log into your account (via the Security feature) may input data on your behalf, providing they have an internet connection.

We have an elaborate numbering system on our existing map, will this work with the software?
Likely yes, there is always a way. There are three identifiers that the software uses to identify the individual graves of your cemetery. The section, lot and grave location. Each one of these identifiers is alphanumeric, meaning that it can contain letters and numbers in any combination and can hold up to 10 characters each. So if your primary section is "ABC" and your sub-section is "12E43" and your first grave is "101" then this will all perfectly fit into the software. If you have more than one sub-section I would urge you to try to merge this into either the Section or the Lot fields.

Can my map be transferred into the software or do I need to re-create it myself?
There is no current "import" process for the map. You are encouraged to try to create the map on your own using the built-in utilities of the software. However, if desired, we could create your map for you for an additional fee, depending on the complexity and time involved.

What happens if my automatic renewal fails?
If you're using the online version, you subscribe by clicking on the SUBSCRIBE menu and using PayPal to start an annual subscription for the service. If that payment fails, we cancel the subscription so that you can start a new subscription. Failures typically happen because a credit card has expired, but other factors could be involved also. We have no control over the payments, as they are processed through PayPal. Your data is not lost, but your account would be deactivated, and if no payment is made within 90 days of the cancellation your data is removed from the server.

Does our trial data stay after we subscribe?
Absolutely. Registration simply unlocks the trial period expiration of your account. You will be using the same software and/or account, it will just not have any restrictions. All your data will remain just as you have it during your trial period.

Can this software be used on a phone?
Yes. The online version can be used on an iPhone, an iPad, and anything considered a "smart" phone (such as Android) device.

What happened to the desktop version?
There are some very bad people out there. And those people have decided to put cracks/hacks available on the internet to freely unlock our software. As a result, we have discontinued the desktop version. However, registered online version account holders in good standing get a bonus. Paid subscribers get the desktop version as a gift after two years of paid subscription. With this you can make backups of your online account at any time for safe keeping.
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